A day in the life

This continues our interlude in everyday Hungarian life. No tourist attractions. No going all over town in various vehicles. This morning after breakfast, we headed to the nearby shops to buy vegetables, bread and other staples, as we are eating our hosts out of house and home. William got to ride a scoot bike, the love of his life, Sonia was a good outing. The vegetable stand was quite literally in someone’s basement, and I had to duck to fully enter. Last night, Arpi told us about the best source of Palinka, the local booze of choice. One should never buy it from a store, he said. Instead you slowly build up a relationship with your local fruitseller. Once they determine that you are not a government official who will report them for failure to collect taxes, you are at liberty to ask them for some of their secret supply of homemade fruit booze. But you’ve gotta play it cool. I told him I was going to bust into the fruit stand today like the worst American tourist possible, shouting at full volume “I HEAR YOU SELL ALCOHOL HERE. I WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME ILLEGAL BOOZE”. I didn’t do it though. I did, however, ask for their largest jar of homemade apricot jam, because that stuff is DELICIOUS. 

After lunch and playing at home, we headed to a playground as it was a beautiful day. Mercifully, William fell asleep in the car for a much-needed nap. While I guarded the car, Sonia and Abigél played, and at one point I saw Sonia silently having a sand tea party with a third girl. 

Sonia was then the special guest star at Abigél’s English class. I got to watch the class for a few minutes. Sonia very kindly refrained from answering all the questions, instead letting the other kids attempt a response in English first. I think it was fairly eye-opening to watch other kids work really hard at something she just naturally knows how to do. 

We had a nice dinner in our home away from home (below) and Sonia enjoyed a bedtime story entirely in Hungarian.

Then Dave, Arpi and I drank too much fruit vodka brought by their Polish coworker. I think I may be sorry tomorrow. 

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