Ohh. Now I get it.

This whole time we’ve had the feeling that we liked Timisoara, but that we also hadn’t actually seen it yet. Everything we’d seen had been peripheral- the band playing at the restaurant, the Cambridge-y streets. Today, before starting the long drive home, we got the chance to explore a little. It was a Sunday, and this is most definitely a closed-on-Sunday kind of place, but I read about a place open for breakfast and out we headed. We found the restaurant and a small square. “This is cute”,I thought. William got to watch some trolleys. I got to take some building and graffiti photos. Both favorites. I also liked the old-school truck with the terrible parking job. 

Then, down the next street, we stumbled on the mother lode. The very lovely, large square, surrounded by churches and art nouveau facades. Ohhh. THIS is why people come here. Sidebar: Romanians know how to wear a hat like nobody’s business.

After some more good street art and patterns we headed back in the direction of the car. 

This time was came upon another pedestrian square, just as the sun came out and people came streaming out of church. We went into the huge cathedral and light a candle in honor of the husband of Sonia’s first grade teacher, who we just learned died suddenly last week. It was a somber moment amidst the enjoyable morning hustle and bustle.

After a 3-hour drive home, this time on the autoroute, since we now know it exists, we made it back ‘home’ to traffic-filled streets due to a national holiday commemorating the uprising against the communists in 1956, with which the US promised assistance and then provided exactly none. Ugh.

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