Captain’s Log: Day 28

Today was the last day of children-and-mama take Budapest. The entire day was filled with 100% child-based activities from top to tails. Why fight it? First up: puppet show at the Budapest puppet theater. Much like the circus, there was a lot more dialogue and singing than I expected. However, this story about a fastidious cat and a flatulent pig had enough slapstick to make William giggle. The whole crowd was entirely made up of preschool field trips, so he was very much in his element. Sonia went along for the ride. She got the circus. Her brother got this one. 

Next up: a cat cafe. I’m indifferent to cats and the food was mediocre, but I knew the children, particularly William, would get a kick out of having lunch in a place with its own small herd (pride?) of cats for the patting. I opted out of the pre-made panini and went for a catuccino instead because Sonia begged me to. WHO AM I?

We then headed on the Metro back to the first indoor playground we visited here. The children seemed to forget I existed for a full half hour. It was glorious. I read my new book while they calmbored around on the climbing structure. I watched with amusement as this one pot-bellied dad wore himself out trying to throw a football in a hole repeatedly in the NFL game. I did participate in a rousing game of ‘throw balls at each other in the ball pit’. That was a good time. 

Afterwards we went to ANOTHER playground designed by the same artist who did the Pencil park and the one at the zoo. This one was based on the story of Zöld Peter. Apparently he was a shepherd boy? I have no idea. But the art pieces were wonderful.  

After 8 hours out and about, we had dinner at the Hungarian place we ate in upon arriving. At this pint Dave is a regular there, which feels pretty good. Palinka, beef stew and gelato are an unlikely but delicious combo. Tomorrow: THE LAST DAY! 

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