First weekend here, yet last weekend here

This being our last weekend here, it is also the first, and only one on which we aren’t traveling somewhere else. Dave has been here many times but is always either coming or going on a Saturday, so he’s never been here a weekend either. We celebrated by doing something up his alley, which was to visit some good old Roman ruins.

Turns out admission to the site was free today, perhaps because Monday is a holiday here. At any rate, the children were totally uninterested in the concept and wanted to play on the, you guessed it, whimsically-painted wooden playground equipment. After coercing them into the extensive ruined village, they began to quite enjoy running through the labryntine pathways and walls. It is pretty surreal to be in an ancient city while a busy 4-lane road zooms by beside you. That being said, it did feel otherworldly in the way that very old places do. On a side note, I thought I had swaddled my babies tightly, but I had NOTHING on the Romans.

Back in Budapest that afternoon, we had lunch and then Dave took the kids in a double-decker sight-seeing bus, which they’d been wanting to do since we arrived. I met up with Zuszana, family friend of a friend, who hooked us up with the babysitter. Valuable, indeed. She is from Romania and confirmed that all those people really are hoping to sell cabbages and potatoes to passersby. Apparently in one town all they grow is onions because the soil is perfect for it. So now I know.

We had a mostly-good dinner (too much pressure to have a WONDERFUL one the last night, so I didn’t try), bathed the children, attempted to scrub the sticky residue off the wall from all the photos we hung. Whoops.

One thought on “First weekend here, yet last weekend here

  1. I guess I hadn’t realized that the Romans ,too,had been early colonizers in Hungary. Good photos – especially of Dave, the centurion, standing in the doorway.!


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